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Meiju Thornley Hynynen

"I started my program with Ann back in October 2021 to take control of my financial situation. I really wanted to understand how I could plan better for my long term future. 5-6 months in I have a newfound confidence and Ann has given me a greater understanding and some crucial tools for me to continue my journey. I even got my investment back before the program was completed. I have made much more progress than expected, consistency is key! Thanks so much!!" 

Meiju has since working together with me saved up 7 times the investment of the Money Makeover program, in less than 8 months. She now has these skills forever.


Jiv Siddharthan

"It was eye opening and fun experience working with Ann on financial coaching. I particularly enjoy that Ann has a lovely balance of empathy and practicality. Also, I was able to open up and be vulnerable (which I believe are key to growth in any area) with Ann because of her considerate and empathetic nature. I recommend Ann to anyone who is looking for financial coaching. Thank you Ann 🥰❤️


Frederike A.

"Ann helped me kick-start my journey to financial freedom. In her program, I finally learned how to get into the driver seat of my finances - I feel empowered to invest now, because I fully understand why I want to do it, where I currently am and where I want to go (and how I can get there). Comparing my knowledge now with the one from three months ago, I can see clear and strong progress. Thanks, Ann!"

Frederike has since working together with me saved up 25 times the investment in the coaching program, in less than 24 months. She now has these skills forever.

Skärmavbild 2021-06-23 kl. 08.55.15.png

Karin was one of my free beta 6 week program clients and she invested her time and energy. Since working together she has saved up 9900 EUR. She now has these skills forever.




Gry Henriksen

"I have always felt stress and anxiety around the fact that I did not pull myself together and took control of my finances. At the same time, I did not know where I should start and did not have anyone to talk openly with about my finances. Ann has been a sounding board for all questions, big and small. She has given me tools to work with that make it easy for me to get an overview of my finances. Above all, she has made me realize how fun it is to keep track of my numbers and above all that it's not more complicated than you make it. Go Ann - because you are so encouraging and have such a fantastic commitment."

"Money has always been a source of stress in my life, despite the fact that I've had a good income and saved quite a lot. Ann helped me understand the root cause of the stress and gave me several practical tools to handle my finances. I feel a lot more at ease now and finally, know in detail my numbers!" 

Kristina is not her real name, the client wishes to remain anonymous


Andrea Blanco Acuña


Carola Ericsson

"To dare to openly talk about money and finances with Ann has been wonderful and something I highly recommend everyone to do. No matter what your finances look like, it is an eye-opener that offers so many opportunities!"

"Through my coaching with Ann, I have been able to develop a habit to review my finances on a regular basis and over the past months, I have gotten used to the idea of investing for a peaceful future and early retirement. Budget planning and tracking of goals have been integrated into my routines. Controlling my finances gives me a sense of stability which I find useful during these unpredictable times. I highly recommend anyone interested to plan well for a 2021 and beyond to contact Ann!"


Ellinor Ekholm, Ljuskompassen, Stockholm



"While I always had money and was aware of what I spent, I reached a point where my business was no longer working, which had a negative impact on my finances and my life in general. Working with Ann opened up my eyes on some money aspects I wasn't aware of. With the tools and pointers she gave me, I feel I have more clarity on the steps ahead, and on how to go about slowly rebuilding up an emergency fund as well as my savings. Above all else, I was able, for the first time ever, to finally discuss my money with someone I could confide in, and that says a lot about Ann's empathetic approach."

Joanna is not her real name, the client wishes to remain anonymous

Money mindset VIP session

"Already 5 minutes into the conversation, Ann pinpoints the core problem! I gained many insights during our conversation and it felt good to be able to talk completely freely about money. Feelings about money often feel difficult to discuss freely, but with Ann as coach, everything flows easily and naturally. I got several specific tips for what I can do to change my mindset about money, which feels incredibly valuable.
For me, who run my own company, it was especially useful to get new tools to work with. I can warmly recommend Ann as a financial coach and I'm grateful for the help I have received."

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