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The start Investing Coaching Program

Learn how to invest in the stock market



  • Are a complete investing beginner

  • Don't have a lot of free time to dedicate

  • Don't trust the financial industry

  • Have no idea how to start


Book a FREE Call today & see if the program is the right thing for you


Building up savings that are just sitting in a savings account?

Do you want to get started investing but feel scared to loose your money?

Do you want to make money work for you and free up your time? 

"Inflation forces us to invest because if we don't, we'll loose around 3% per year of our savings to inflation"

Hi, I'm Ann Söderblom


Having gone through childhood family trauma, I decided at age 10 to "learn all about money" as a way to protect myself from uncertainty and financial stress.


This lead me to a life-long interest in personal finances and reading every classical book on the topic.


When I was in my 20s and early 30s I made all the beginner mistakes you can possibly think of when it comes to managing your money and investing. I have lost hundreds of thousands of Euros but without those mistakes I wouldn't be where I am today.


They taught me countless lessons. 

I have spent two decades managing my money with trial and error and I can finally say that I have found a system that works. 

Today, I'm proud to say, I have a paid-for home, no bad debt, a solid retirement fund for early retirement and zero financial stress. I also work part time with my own company (this!) with plenty of time to spend with my family, focusing on my health and travel.

Thanks to my passive income, I can now do whatever I want with my time. No big luxuries but I can choose to spend my time as I like the most: with my family, with meaningful work, nature and movement etc.


I don't say this to show off, I hope to inspire you by showing what is possible with determination and focus. 

This is my dream life and I want you to live your dream life too!

You already know you should be investing but have no idea where to start

Your savings are sitting in a bank account being eaten up by inflation, little by little

You know your finances are under control but you would like to feel great about them

You want to enjoy more freedom and take advantage of dividends and other forms of passive income


Book a FREE Call today & see if the program is the right thing for you


"Ann helped me kick-start my journey to financial freedom. In her program, I finally learned how to get into the driver seat of my finances - I feel empowered to invest now, because I fully understand why I want to do it, where I currently am and where I want to go (and how I can get there). Comparing my knowledge now with the one from three months ago, I can see clear and strong progress. Thanks, Ann!"

Testimonial from a previous hybrid program: Money Makeover + Investing

Frederike A.


Book a FREE Call today & see if the program is the right thing for you

  • Make your money work for you

  • Confidently start investmenting

  • Make your own investing decisions

  • Understand what are the most common reasons that people loose money on the stock market


My goal is for you to:

The coaching program is not for everyone.

It's for you if:

  • Your financial life is under control: all bills paid on time, understanding of your own costs of living vs. income, you have no consumer debt, you can handle bigger and unexpected expenses without putting them on a credit card and you have an emergency fund in place. 

  • You want to understand how to invest on your own

  • You are ready to learn the basics of passive, long-term and diversified investing on the stock market

  • You are ready learn concepts such as inflation, risk, asset classes, asset allocation, investment strategies etc.

  • You are looking for ways to reduce risks of loosing your money and are ready to learn about them

  • You are ready to take the long-term approach of wealth building

  • You are ready to put in the work and responsibility for your own investment decisions

It's NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix solution to start investing

  • You are not ready for the personal growth needed in order to invest


  • You are not ready to do the work required to learn how to invest on your own, without ready-made investment recommendations


  • You are looking for investment, tax or accounting advice. Specifically WHAT to invest in and the exact financial products.


  • You are looking to get quick returns from your investments

  • You want to be an active investor and analyse companies and industries.


  • You trust that your coach knows what the best investments are for you and you expect to receive those recommendations

1. Investing education vs. trusting blindly

2. Investing strategy & overview

3. The stock market

4. Investing psychology

5. Diversification

6. When to buy & sell

7. Risk tolerance & management

8. Types of investments

9. Types of portfolios

10. Fees, profits and conflict of interest

11. Accounts & products

12. Exercises & checklist

Key topics you will learn about in the program

This (in pink) is what I help you with: 


With the Start to Invest program you get:

16 Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions a 60 min each, over Zoom. You will have access to your own financial coach to make sure you don’t get stuck anywhere. 

Easy templates and worksheets to help you learn and implement your new knowledge.

Accountability to help you stay on track and to implement what you learn into your life. Having a personal meeting with your financial coach is a gentle way to keep you on track and accountable.

10 emails per month, in between sessions to help you with support and any open questions you might have. 


497.00 EUR Per month or
pay in full: 1799.00 EUR

The Start to Invest Coaching Program


The time investment is approx. 1-2 hours per week excluding the coaching session.


Book a FREE Call today & see if the program is the right thing for you

There is no such thing as risk-free investing. All content on this website and it's services is for educational information only, it is not financial advice. Historic returns are not a guarantee for future returns. Please review our full disclaimer here


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