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Are you...?

  • Ready to invest but scared you will loose your hard-earned money

  • Looking for a way to invest but don't trust the financial industry

  • Overwhelmed by the overflow of information around investing

  • Feeling stupid because of the financial jargon used around investing

  • Feeling lost and have no idea where to start investing

  • Ready to put in the time to understand investing to make choices on your own and not by anyone else

This is what you'll achieve with the Coaching Program

  • Finally, start investing and putting your money to work

  • Learn the basics of investing to make your own decisions

  • Understand how the stock market works and what it is

  • Learn how to manage risk and decide your own risk tolerance

  • Learn what compound interest is and why it's extremely powerful

  • Learn the most common ways that people lose money in the stock market

  • Make your own investment decisions with confidence

  • Learn how to set up & handle different types of accounts

  • Learn about investing strategies, types and portfolios

  • Learn how to invest sustainably

  • Learn where to find trustworthy sources of investing knowledge

Program Topics

We work together and cover the following topics

1. Investing education vs. trusting blindly

2. Investing strategy & overview

3. The stock market

4. Investing psychology

5. Diversification

6. When to buy & sell

7. Risk tolerance & management

8. Types of investments

9. Types of portfolios

10. Fees & profits

11. Accounts & products

12. Exercises & checklist

Your investment

Weekly coaching calls a 60 min for 5 months including email support in between sessions. Your time investment is approx 1 hour/week excluding the coaching call.

497.00 EUR Per month or
pay in full: 2799.00 EUR


"Ann helped me kick-start my journey to financial freedom. In her program, I finally learned how to get into the driver seat of my finances - I feel empowered to invest now, because I fully understand why I want to do it, where I currently am and where I want to go (and how I can get there). Comparing my knowledge now with the one from three months ago, I can see clear and strong progress. Thanks, Ann!"

Frederike A.

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