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"I even got my investment back before the program was completed."

Meiju Thornley Hynynen


Would you like to take control and:

  • Have overflowing amounts of money in multiple accounts

  • Build wealth & financial security like never before

  • Manage your money like the rich

  • Get on track towards your first or next 100K EUR in savings

Even if you:

  • Tried and failed to stick to a personal budget

  • Don't want to stop enjoying life

  • Have very little free time next to your coaching & consulting business or job

  • Have the option to work less e.g. 3-4 days a week

  • Be less tied to your work/income or retire early

  • Go slow traveling for months without worrying about money

  • Have guilt-free spending money earmarked for regular massages, retreats and healthy food

  • Have multiple 5 figures (EUR) to invest on a regular basis

My goal is for you to:


Hi, I'm Ann Söderblom


Having gone through my parent's divorce and bankruptcy as a child, I decided at age 10 to "learn all about money" as a way to protect myself from uncertainty and financial stress.


This lead me to a life-long interest in personal finances and reading every classical book on the topic.


When I was in my 20s and early 30s I made all the beginner mistakes you can possibly think of when it comes to managing your money. I have lost and missed out on hundreds of thousands of Euros but without those mistakes I wouldn't be where I am today.


They taught me countless lessons. 

I have spent two decades managing my money with trial and error and I can finally say that I have found a system that works. I have also tested this system with clients 1:1 and the results are life-changing.

Today, I'm proud to say, I have a paid-for home, no bad debt, a solid retirement fund with multiple 6 figures (EUR) for early retirement (work-optional at age 38) and zero financial stress. I also work part time with my own online business (this!) with plenty of time to spend with my family, focusing on my health and travel.


I don't say this to show off, I hope to inspire you by showing what is possible with persistence and focus. 

This is my dream life and I want you to live your dream life too!

You are ready (like yesterday!) to take control of your finances once and for all so that you can feel financially secure and be fully on track towards your first or next 100K EUR in wealth (net worth).

I want you to know that you CAN stick to a budget even if you have tried it and failed before.

I also want you to know that you CAN learn how to save money without dipping right back into your savings.

You work too hard to feel that you have very little financial assets to show for it.

You wonder where all the money is going and know that you could be doing so much more with your money.

Trust me when I say that you have done much harder things in the past, I know you can do this with a little guidance.

Having me as your financial and wealth coach will mean that you will have my support each step of the way and I'll not let you get stuck anywhere. I want to fast-track your learning curve and shave off decades of trial and error.

I won’t let you give up on your dream of having financial freedom and independence. It’s too important!


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"I started my program with Ann back in October 2021 to take control of my financial situation. I really wanted to understand how I could plan better for my long term future. 5-6 months in I have a newfound confidence and Ann has given me a greater understanding and some crucial tools for me to continue my journey. I even got my investment back before the program was completed. I have made much more progress than expected, consistency is key! Thanks so much!!" 

Meiju has since working together with me saved up 7 times the investment of the Money Makeover program, in less than 8 months. She now has these skills forever.

Meiju Thornley Hynynen


"Ann helped me kick-start my journey to financial freedom. In her program, I finally learned how to get into the driver seat of my finances - I feel empowered to invest now, because I fully understand why I want to do it, where I currently am and where I want to go (and how I can get there). Comparing my knowledge now with the one from three months ago, I can see clear and strong progress. Thanks, Ann!"

Frederike has since working together with me saved up 25 times the investment in the coaching program, in less than 24 months. She now has these skills forever.

Frederike A.


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  • From anxious about her financial future to an extra 50K EUR in assets within 2 years

  • From overspending -20K EUR/year to PLUS 1K EUR and peace of mind within 6 months

  • From zero savings to consistently saving 1500 EUR/month after 5 months

  • Avoiding impulse purchases for a total of 7000 EUR during 8 months

  • From super fearful to loving looking into her numbers and 9000 EUR saved up within a few weeks

If you put in the work, the Money Makeover program will get you results like my current clients:

The MM coaching program is not for everyone.

It's FOR you if:

  • You are paid a decent salary from your coaching/consulting business, job or combined

  • You are motivated to make some changes and learn new skills when it comes to your money

  • You are ready to establish new, positive habits when it comes to your money 

  • You consider yourself an ambitious person that wants to thrive and create a lot of freedom in your life

  • You are looking for solid, financial results over a longer time period

  • You are looking for traditional and proven ways to build generational wealth and freedom

  • You are ready to do the work required to achieve your financial goals

It's NOT for you if:

  • You are not ready for the personal development that is needed to take control of your finances, e.g. prefer to stay in victim mentality


  • You are not ready to do the work required to change your financial life


  • You are looking for investment, tax, insurance, legal or accounting advice from Ann

  • You are looking for an automated solution to your finances, with little to no involvement from you


  • You are looking for fast results with little effort


  • You are deeply in debt and struggle to pay your bills

1. Money mindset

Transform your relationship with money and establish new, positive money habits which means that you'll start to see large amounts of available cash in your bank account.

2. Clarity and net worth

Deeply understand your starting point and learn how to track your progress so that you get even more motivated to keep going. This means that you'll have an easier time to reach your goals and a single or multiple 6 figure net worth (accumulated wealth).


3. Wealth building strategy

What to do with your money and in what order so that you can build life-changing generational wealth that creates freedom and choices for you and your family. 


4. Controlling your money

Simple systems for tracking & budgeting your money so that you can get financial peace of mind, reach your goals and also have money earmarked for guilt-free spending on fun things. 


5. Increase cash flow

Having more money available by making more money and spending less on the things you don't really value so that you can become less tied to your work, spend more time and money on your health and family, retire earlier or simply reach your first or next 100K EUR and financial peace of mind.


My 5-step process to become financially free & independent

for action-taking female coaches and consultants

From Head-in-the-sand to Money Boss Framework

This (in pink) is what I help you with: 


With the Money Makeover Coaching Program you get:

20 one-to-one coaching sessions a 60 min each, over Zoom. You will have access to your own financial coach to make sure you don’t get stuck anywhere. We also have a lot of fun on these calls! (value 5800 EUR)

Learning portal with templates, worksheets, training videos and other resources to support your financial transformation (value 699 EUR)

Accountability to help you stay on track and to implement what you learn into your life. Having a personal meeting with your financial coach is a gentle way to keep you on track and accountable (value priceless*)

Unlimited emails, in between sessions to help you with support and any open questions you might have (value 2000 EUR)

* The actual financial gains you’ll see from the Money Makeover program depend on a lot of factors. Past clients have seen financial gains from €5,000-€50,000 over the next 12-24 month period - using skills they now have for the rest of their lives. 


Total value: 8499.00 EUR

You invest: 3799.00 EUR

The Money Makeover Coaching Program

Is a 6 month premium coaching program for driven female coaches and consultants designed to get you quickly on track towards your first or next 100K EUR in net worth (accumulated wealth)

You can also choose to pay 639.00 EUR/month over 6 months.

Clients normally get back their investment within 1-2 years*

* This is NOT a guarantee since coaches are never fully in control of what their client's actions are.


Before you go...

I want to give you my personal promise. If you go through the coaching program and do the work, you will get the results you are looking for. 

Your future self will truly thank you. I hope you can be a part of our growing community of wealthy & empowered women. 

// Ann Söderblom - Founder of Molly's Money

Ps. If you are considering taking the program, don't wait too long. I take on only a tiny number of selected clients and my time dedicated to 1:1 coaching is very limited.


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