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If you're a driven female coach or consultant I can help you to take control of your money, build life-changing wealth and reach your first or next 100K EUR in accumulated assets.

I retired (financially) at age 38 and have been helping women just like you since 2020.

The 10 biggest money mistakes female coaches & consultants make

- That keep them from financial freedom


You'll learn:

  • The 10 biggest mistakes that ambitious female coaches & consultants make when it comes to their private money and the biggest reasons why you are still not on track towards financial peace of mind. #3 is especially sneaky!

  • My signature step-by-step method for how to quickly get on track towards your first or next 100K EUR in assets - without the feeling of deprivation so that you don't loose motivation. 

  • What to do with your money and in what order so that you can avoid the most common pitfalls that normally make even the most driven ladies give up. This means that you break free from financial stress faster and with less than hassle.

  • The two fundamental aspects of money mindset work - that nobody talks about​ so that you can get out of your own way when it comes to money and create your multiple 6 figure net worth (accumulated assets).

  • The top 3 high level personal finance strategies that the ultra rich have been using for centuries that you can start copying right away.

  • What "getting into the driver's seat of your finances" is actually referring to - So that you can start driving today and pay off any bad debt, save and build life-changing wealth like never before.

  • How I managed to achieve financial independence (living off passive income) at age 38 with bad money habits in my late 20s (Including embarrassing details).

Previous viewers comments:

"It was a great seminar!" Hanna

"Hi Ann, thank you it was very educational!" Tilda

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